Apraksts:Plānotā, bet neuzbūvētā dz.c. Tukums - Kuldīga tilts pār Abavu
Vieta:Sāti (Tukuma raj.)
Autors:Māris Bolšteins
Skatīts (reizes):1983

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15.11.2017, 03:37:47
The general position of each person formed from the set circumstances, among which the most important. Types well-being presented complex system, on which not only common well-being depend, but also functionality of the organism. rn rnNo chance unravel and explore health, types well-being, and also others components of the healthy strong organism, if thoroughly not go into the next position. Thus, the health of a person, to date, is called standard and stable psychosomatic state of the individual. rnwhat causes staphylococcus

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